GEE GURL APPAREL is an apparel company guided by a belief that happiness dwells in absolute self-expression. Being able to create joy and laughter is divine, and it is what inspired GEE GURL APPAREL. During an overnight stay at a truck stop in a small town called Weed, in Northern California, founder, Ro Wiley began to “imagine” taking a hit, just to induce some relaxation after a hard day as a truck driver. She knew losing her license to a failed drug test could be too severe, and not worthwhile. She also knew she wasn't alone in such situations, as there are people like her who would not risk their means of livelihood just to puff some weed or indulge in other similar activities.

Ro knew how much of a difference this Cannabis substance could make during those stressful days, but instead of staying off it completely, she felt she could infuse  wonderful prints into statement pieces for people of legal age, who may or may not indulge in this type of recreational activity. In December of 2016, the journey began as Ro started exploring various designs from different graphic artists, in order to do something uniquely different.

As a truck driver who often needs to be on the road, setting up the company hit numerous setbacks due to lack of time to build and grow the business. Being on the road all day/night was EXTREMELY tiring, and the only thing Ro dimmed important during those moments, was SLEEP!  Ro's dream to start her own apparel company continued to seem like an impossible mission until four years later, in 2020, a global pandemic struck. That was a period when the world stood still, and even birds struggled to fly; but not RO WILEY.

Not long after weighing up available options, Ro encountered a LYFT driver who was skilled in graphics and web design. Ro expressed to him her desire to get back to building her apparel company. With a strong dedication combined with the guidance and support of the LYFT driver, in May 2020 GEE GURL APPAREL was born!


We are GEE GURL APPAREL; a company with a passion for bringing a little bit of happiness combined with laughter, to help those who need a little boost; especially now. We are not just about branding; we're about spreading love, happiness, and laughter across the globe. As a constantly evolving company, we treat our customers not like clients, but like ourselves. We are always learning to discover new ways to deliver excellent and outstanding solutions to our customers with even faster turnaround times. Our attention to detail in custom T-shirts printing and embroidery, including exceptional customer service, implies that we are satisfaction-conscious and determined always to ensure the best customers' experience.



GEE GURL APPAREL specializes in custom cannabis printing for T-shirts, hats, and other wearable products. Our cannabis-branded apparels are stylish and comfortable with durable prints that will stand the test of time. We design not just pieces of fabrics but also unique clothing that effortlessly expresses passion, mood, and personality in one print. Here, we are driven to make custom T-shirts, Embroidered Hats fun, entertaining, and produce a "Good Laugh".  Through our high-quality, artistic designs, we showcase the beauty of the cannabis industry to the world.  Come 2021, GEE GURL APPAREL will begin a new phase in the fashion industry, giving an even more casual appeal to the masses.  GEE GURL APPAREL is aiming to become a HOUSEHOLD name in the fashion world.


GEE GURL APPAREL believes that not every individual is the same. Our mission is to leverage innovative printing methods to deliver products that will consistently motivate and inspire you. We believe that IF YOU CAN'T EAT, DRINK, CHEW or PUFF it, you can WEAR IT! - LIVE LIFE ON THE HIGH SIDE!

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At GEE GURL APPAREL, we believe that happy employees foster happy customers. We do not believe in just employing; we provide a work environment that encourages a positive team spirit. We always strive to provide our customers with the best apparel designs we would want for ourselves. We are proud of the quality of the products and services we offer to our customers as we focus on creating a remarkable online shopping experience.


1954 Airport Road #118

Chamblee, GA 30341

Tel: (833) 217-8632

FAX: 762-220-4774


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